Classifications for Staking

Hey Accointing Team,

I need help with staking classifications (ADA Cardano)
Currently I can find 3 different ones (staked, staking and staking income).

Classification in

There is only “staked” in the import template. What are the other classifications for manual import (staking, staking_income)?

Are multiple classifications possible for just one deposit?

There are 2 different deposits in my wallet:

  1. ADA coins have been received and will be staked (staked)
  2. ADA Rewards have been received (staking_income)

Is that right?

For What do I need the classification (staking)?


Hi @makrele! You can use staking and staking_income for the same purpose. So, I suggest

  1. (staked)
  2. (staking)*

*if you are using a Form.

If you are using only the import template, put all your incomes related to staking as “staked”. I leave this link here so you can read more about classification for your specific country Crypto Taxes - Accointing Blog - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & tax Software