Classification Questions

What should I classify my interest Payments from BloackFi as?
Right now I mark it as Income.
What should I classify my BAT rewards as from my Brave Browser?
What about Referral Rewards?

Hi @MattLong6:

BlockFi should be income
BAT rewards should be bounty
Referral rewards should be income

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What should my mysterium VPN endpoint be considered? Do you need more details to know what I’m talking about?

Hi Matt! Yes please. Provide more details about this to give you a more accurate answer.

Here is more info about the mysterium node VPN endpoint:
I am thinking that it is going to be classified as income.

Also if something is uncounterized, is that basically the same as being colorized as income?

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@MattLong6 I believe it should be classified as a masternode (income).

Okay, so I’ll classify the mysterium VPN as income unless I learn otherwise, are uncategorized things automatically filed as if it was income?

It will consider it as “not tax relevant income”

So I basically need to make sure that I classify everything that is tax-related?

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