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I didn’t know whether to use the existing topic (Classification Questions) or to create a new one. I went with “new one” and hope that’s ok. I realize my questions might sound overly pedantic and MAYBE self-explanatory but I want to make sure everything is as correct as possible.

  1. Is it safe to say “All incoming ERC-20 drops (pennystocks…neither bought nor transfered by me) can be classified as Airdrop”?

  2. What to do with XRP Dust transactions? (scam ones). Also Airdrop?

  3. Same question for Stellar (XLM) inflation. Airdrop?

  4. What about Genesis Mining contracts? Do I classify the payment for the contract as a “payment” (stand alone) and the coin I receive as a result of that mining contract as “mining” (stand alone) without any kind of connection between those two?

  5. I participated in a ERC-20 ICO for me and a friend. We both wanted to invest the same amount ETH each but he wasn’t able to participate himself because of an appointment at the time of the ico. So he transfered his share (ETH) to my wallet. I participated in the ICO for the both of us and sent him his share of the ICO Tokens I received.
    So we’ve got:
    Incoming Ether from my friend → His share plus my share to ICO → Half of the resulting tokens transfered back to him. How to classify that?

Thanks in advance


nobody? I thought these were rather simple questions.

Advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @WolfB,

Sorry about the late response, slipped through our notification system.

  1. Yes that is correct :slight_smile:
  2. You can also classify these as airdrops
  3. Yes, correct also an airdrop
  4. yes exactly, the amount going out is the payment, and the amount coming in is mining (thus incoming)
  5. I would seperate these and only add the transactions for you, the ones for your friend should be done seperately.

Sorry again for the late response!

Thanks a lot! That helped to reduce my unclassified transactions to roundabout half of where I started. If that’s OK i will continue to post classfification issues that are somewhat “general” in this thread…and send issues that are “special” directly to your support.

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Additional Questions:

I have two unclassified transactions that are actually one internal transactions. Accointing doesn’t recognize it as internal, because the amount isn’ the same (for whatever reason).
To put it in numbers: X,00000001 went out a wallet, but only x,00000000 arrived on the other one.
So we’ve got 0,00000001 that went…“missing”. Both ledgers appear to be correct…they’re just…missing. How do I get Accointing to recognize that as one internal transaction? Because…it…just… is one :slight_smile:

One of my exchanges shows the additional listing of an altcoin (and the following creation of a wallet of said altcoin in that account) as “incoming” of 0,00.
How to classify that? Nothing actually came in…accointing just interprets it that way because of how the exchange handles it.

Thanks in advance


Hi @WolfB! In the Full Data Set, you can change your trades and transactions classifications:

I tried that, but accointing doesn’t save the classification. When I do that, the interface jumps to the “unclassified transaction” window, but doesn’t show the transactions there and when I go back to the full data set, the transactions still don’t show a type.
I think, as I’ve mentioned, this doesn’t work because of the different amount (the 0,00000001).

In other words: Neither are the transactions shown under “unclassified transactions” after doing that nor do they get classified by doing that.

Also this doesn’t answer my second/other question regarding the 0,00 “incoming” on the exchange when initializing a wallet…i do realize how the classification process works…i just don’t know in that case what classification to choose.

Could you send a screenshot of the two transfers? Would make it easier to answer it. The difference could be because of the amount which usually allows 10% difference or it could be because of a time difference.

In general you can always check this review page first to see the possible Internals: Accointing - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & Tax Software

Can do. I will send an email to your support (because i think this gets a little specific for a forum) with screenshots from all open issues mentioned in this thread.

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