Chart of holdings displays an amount that is way too high

As the title says, the chart of total holdings (when no token is selected) in portfolio overview shows amounts (when following the chart with the mouse) that are totally detached from reality. hundred of thousands too high.

it should match the total value listed above it and summarizes the current value of all the coins you own listed below it. if that isn’t the case for you there might be a bug that needs fixing. If its a problem with one of the coin listings below it, its possible some transactions are missing / wrong or a coin is miss-identified. Support usually requests screen shots so they can help easier, posting those here as well might help get the problem fixed faster.

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I never had that much in holdings., not even half that. So yeah, it’s probably a bug. Anyone else have this pb?2021-05-01_11-19-17

Please go over your full data set and see if there are any anomalies. You can also select individually your tokens and see which is the token that is driving that peak. With that, you will be able to drill down where this issue is coming from.


Thanks but I had hundreds of tokens back then so I definitely can’t go through each one by one. thx anyway