Cardano (Yoroi Wallet)

ok. Matt Accointing, i hear you are working to improve this. same issue. addr1 only accounts for one staking deposit but not all within a wallet and not staking rewards nor fees. please continue to work to improve.
also be ready to add Cardano blockchain tokens as they start to role out. see my comment re MELD. Sundaeswap is another coming next month.

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We are able to support the MELD airdrop as soon as CoinMareketCap starts tracking the price of MELD :slight_smile:

As of right now, there is no good way to track xpub addresses, which is what is needed to track all your addresses.

For fees, you can manually ad a withdrawal and then classify it as a fee :slight_smile:

Yoroi have a csv list,why not integrate this first?

You can :slight_smile: You just have to manually reformate the .csv into our Accointing Template Formate -

Yes,I know that,why should not to be this integrated like in another wallet?why should we everytime manually reformate ?

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That would be nice, I actually wrote my own converter for this exact reason. Still manual since I have to download csv, feed it to my converter, upload it to Accointing (and I have to make sure no duplicates, e.g. don’t reupload previously uploaded data). Would be nice to simply download from Yoroi, upload to Accointing. Specially now that dApps will available, there’ll be more transactions coming.


Her @Romeo send us that converter and we may be able to offer it to other after some tests and approval from the higher-ups :slight_smile:


This is a very good idea to allow community to send they"re solution to be rapidly integrated in accointing with yours tests and approval…

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thank you, please send them above! :smiley:


October update:

I also mentioned this information in the “Daedalus” topic (Add ADA Daedalus Wallet), once again here for completeness: there is a good API for this here:

This even supports all Cardano tokens that are starting to hit the exchanges.

Also, the votes on these two threads should be merged, since they address the same underlying issue: Accointing does not support Cardano stake keys (starting with stake1...) which allow all addr1... addresses that belong to the same wallet to be tied together, thus representing the entirety of the wallet balance including staking rewards and tokens. This would bump this topic to 140 votes - respectively right to the top of the line.

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Thank you @foobar for your feedback, yes, we know we only have a temporary solution for ADA auto-tracking.
We have hired multiple people for Accointing in the past month and have been training, in Q1 we plan to start doing more feature requests! :smiley: I have already combined the votes from Yoroi and Daedalus which puts you in the top 5 feature requests by the community, you should see it soon! I will pass along their API link to the devs :slight_smile:

Would someone be willing to DM your ADA address so that we can take a deeper look into adding more address types?

I need the following of each type:

  • Public key
  • Internal addresses
  • External addresses
  • Reward (staking) addresses

I need the above information for the following ADA wallets.

  • Daedelus
  • Yoroi
  • ADALite
  • Ledger (hardware wallet)
  • Byron
  • Shelley

Great to see that there’s some progress on this! I would suggest that the engineering team simply creates their own test wallets of each of these types rather than using any of our addresses. An additional benefit is that they will have full control over the wallets.

I don’t know about other folks, but I’d be much more comfortable with this from a privacy perspective.

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One of our team members did just that :slight_smile:

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