Cardano wrong balance after withdraw

I imported 2 cardano addresses i use which was fine at first but when i withdrew some it now shows more even when i refreshed and re-added it :confused: I’ve checked the addresses on and it shows the correct balance.

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Did you check the review button on the desktop site? You can fix missing funds over there. Check also your full data set, so you can be sure that your transactions in are the same as your adresses

I imported my cardano address and everything was OK until i used adalite to transfere some coins away. It then registred as a deposit in your app. Ive tried to manually add a withdrawl but it just complains the balances are misrepresented

Try to look at Full Data Set on the desktop app, so you can find a transaction that doesn’t add up. Delete and reconnect your address should work as well.

I’ve readded it multiple times. Your app always reports the wrong balance. I’ve tried add a manual withdrawl after import to “correct” it but your app wont allow it cause it thinks the balance is higher than what it actually is. If i check the value is correct. I dont know how to correct this manually

I just talked with the support team. There are some issues with ADA wallets that we are currently working to resolve it. While it’s resolved, you can delete your address connection and add your actual balance manually, so you can still track your gains

You can read this article if you want to know more about adding wallets manually Platform Step by Step Guide

Hey guys! Can you please try adding your Cardano wallet again? All of them should work:


Apologies. Only addresses (addr1…) are working for now. Xpubs are in the pipeline still.

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