Cardano Wallet (shelley address) does not show anything

I try to add a shelley Cardano address and it never reports the transactions or count. Am I missing something?

The address starts with “addr1”

Hi @CryptoBagHolder! Would you mind sharing this address at so we can test it out please? If that’s not possible, could you share a screenshot of the error message at the same email address?

Daedalus now displays the wallet public key. Yet when I try to enter this into Accointing I instead just get an error. The public key starts with “acct_”? Does Accointing not support this?

Also, stake addresses are not able to be entered. What method should we be using to track our Cardano transactions and balances?

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Hi @CryptoBagHolder! I believe you need to use the address that starts wit addr. Can you try that out and see if it works please? if not, please send an email to and they will be able to update you on the status of the connection. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

that’s the issue. your wallet input dialog for cardano states it can accept an xpub address but yet I can’t enter it. I’m trying to understand if your system really does handle cardano xpub or not. Adding each “addr” address doesn’t help long term as it’s like Bitcoin, any transactions makes that addr invalid and then I have to add another.

See developer note on xpub Support Export of xPub Key · Issue #2345 · input-output-hk/daedalus · GitHub


Thanks for this! We are currently working on some updates for Cardano that might help out with this issue. As you can see in the Github post, it’s an issue currently across all platforms. Hopefully, we will be able to help you out soon. I’ll set a reminder for this for next week.

Apologies. Only addresses (addr1…) are working for now. Xpubs are in the pipeline still.

Ah, no wonder I couldn’t add my cardano wallet. I think you guys should update the cardano wallet adding instruction or put a note in it to prevent people from pulling their hair out when trying to add their ADA wallet.

Hi, I just tried with the addr1… (receive wallet address) but it’s not working either :frowning:
Still showing a 0 balance…
As a hint, everything is delegated to staking, but this shouldn’t matter at all I guess!
Using Daedalus wallet…

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@CryptoBagHolder @bud

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Would someone be willing to DM your ADA address so that we can take a deeper look into adding more address types?

I need the following of each type:

  • Public key
  • Internal addresses
  • External addresses
  • Reward (staking) addresses

I need the above information for the following ADA wallets.

  • Daedelus
  • Yoroi
  • ADALite
  • Ledger (hardware wallet)
  • Byron
  • Shelley