Cardano wallet addresses that were working now report as "Invalid Address"

Up until a few days ago I was getting updates for my Cardano wallets. When I attempt to update today I get the error “Invalid Address”. I have verified that in fact those addresses are still valid. They had been updating with no problems for weeks. At some point over the past few days something went sideways.

I’m also experiencing the same issue with my Cardano wallets.

Do you see something similar to this? I hope Accointing gets on this. Rather annoying that is used to work. Fortunately I already got my 2020 taxes filed!

I have the same issue as well.

It’s working again for me. Now the Cardano wallets are syncing properly…

Can you please try adding Cardano Wallet again? All addresses should be working now:


My cardano wallet is syncing correctly now. Thanks!

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Yes all Cardano addresses are working! Thanks!

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