Cardano (staking on Exodus)


If i move my ADA to exodus and stake them, will they be synced and viewable on Accointing exchange?


Hi @Darkaeden! is not an exchange. We do not support staking for EXODUS yet, but perhaps you get enough votes for it to get implemented.

I have all the coins that are supported for staking in Exodus. At this time, Exodus’s CSV export is a mess when it comes to staking rewards for ADA, ALGO, ATOM,XTZ, ONG and VTHO. NEO and GAS are the only ones that are correct. For ADA, the staking entries only show the staking claim fees you pay. You have to manually create the staking rewards either in the CSV file or manually using the accointing template or form.

I have brought this the attention of Exodus Support a number of times since I started using Accointing and it is still a problem. Maybe if more people complain about it, they will fix it.

I have also connected my Exodus ADA Address in accointing, and the staking claims are reflected in the transaction list. You just manually need to classify the transactions. The only drawback I have is the amount of ADA reported on the wallets page is incorrect and I get a missing funds message.

I only hold 441 ada and I only have 3 transactions in this new wallet. The transaction data is correct however.

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Thanks. Therefore if i move and stake my ada on Exodus, Accointing will see the in it (staked) beaside the staking rewards. Is my understanding correct?

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No you have to manually categorize the staking reward as staked. It will show up as a deposit record. It does not automatically do it.


I have finally added my exodus cardano address to my accointing. All of my ADA are stacked.
Unfortunately, the total that accointing shows me is Double the amount i have, despite the detailed transaction list is correct (and that the amount shown should be then half, which is correct).
Anyone with same issue?

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Hi @Darkaeden! This is a known issue inside of and we are working on it. Thank you for your patience.

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Hi, is there any news on this issue? I tried again today but still this “double” total amount shown on accointing. Thanks

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Hey guys! We are still looking into it! Apologies for the inconvenience, but it’s more complex than we thought. Appreciate your patience.

Hey Guys! I just started reading through this thread. I too have recently created an Accointing account and primarily use Exodus as a convenient staking location. After going through the list of assets that can automatically “link”, I’ve only found ADA and VET (of the assets I own and stake on Exodus). I have linked these two, but still hoping for the same automatic functionality for ATOM, SOL, ALGO, ONT). Rod - Has there been any update to this issue? Thanks for the support!

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Hello @Hessian19 please vote here:

ATOM: Cosmos (ATOM) Wallet
SOL: Solana wallet support
ALGO: Algorand support
ONT: Please create your own feature request for this one :slight_smile: