Cardano, Polkadot, Bittrex, Deribit, Tron

ADA & DOT imports are both broken, neither of them will accept a valid address.

Bittrex CSV import is broken. I have received the 3 files from Bittrex support as instructed, but they will not import. “File import failed. Upload a valid file”.

Deribit API sync isn’t working correctly. Only half of my transactions seem to have actually been added. Transactions cover the complete date range but don’t seem to actually import trade pnl, only funding, deposits and withdrawals.

Certain Tron wallets fail to synchronise – “Failed to import your data. Please contact support”

ADA - What address type are you useing? We are working on xPub wallet addresses now

Dot - API explorer is blocking all requests. Emailed the service to see if there is a business or subscription agreement we can come to. Waiting to hear back. From the results of a quick search, it seems there are no other block explorers that offer API functionality so we have to wait.

Bittres .csv 1. Sounds like you are uploading the file I can have the team look at this

In the meantime, did you reformate the data into the template and uploading it as manually?
Have you tried to connect Buttrex vide API?

Deribit - We are aware of the Profit and Loss error, and are currently working on it.

Tron - Are you able to identify which Tron wallet addresses are failing?