Can't find indian/delhi timezone

how much tough is it to have all timezones in your system? I can’t even find time zone for exchange in new delhi/india

You should be able to start typing and then it pops up.
Let me know if you are still having issues :slight_smile:

okay…none of them is Indian timezone. I am talking about the country India. It’s IST zone but it’s not listed in any way

You are right, I do not see it listed.
Do any of these cities use the same timezone that you can syn it to? I will talk to our team.

Hey @bluepasta,

we are currently using the timezones of the INA database that should match more or less what you can see here [1]. I’m not sure why timezones like India standard timezone (IST) are not present in that database. The exact area is required for cases where there is a “daylight saving” mechanism, if not, you can pick any timezone with a matching UTC offset that also does not apply daylight saving.

Maybe you can help us understand how India fits into the provided list and how we can improve the user experience for local users. Thanks for raising attention!

[1] List of tz database time zones - Wikipedia

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