Cannot Import Coinbase Anymore

Same Börsen-/Walletprobleme June 11th by another. I cannot sync Coinbase Exchange. I have cleared cache, tried different browsers (Brave, Safari, Chrome), closed the app and restarted, rebooted the Mac laptop, and tried everything I saw in the thread from an earlier post. Nothing seems to work. I also tried to reimport - but that does not work either, the same message “Something went wrong” which is sadly not very helpful. Any ideas or help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you for your attention and time.

Can we get some screenshots of the issue?
You are using a Mac laptop you said?
@Eetu is an issue with Coinbase a known bug?

Hi, please try again using incognito mode. Sometimes Coinbase limits our ability to link new accounts but we are currently in talks with them to solve this.

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Some of you have had problems with your Coinbase account. Coinbase changed its APIs a week ago without any communication. Coinbase does not return BTC and ETH accounts if all accounts are queried. We have now corrected this to include them again. Let me know if you have anymore questions :slight_smile:

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