Cannot find OSMO and MINE. Can you add these two coins?

Hi all!
OSMO is the first AMM for the COSMOS blockchain.
MINE is the first IDO platform for TERRA ecosystem.
I think this two coins should be added on ACCOINTING.
What do you think?

MINE was added:

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OSMO I cannot find on CoinMarketCap, can you please send me the link if it is on there?


Here it is

Good eveving. Do you have any updates?
I tried to check now, but Pylon Protocol’s MINE is still not added. Same for OSMO.
Thank you very much!!

Hi! Unfortunately, your digital asset is not available on CoinMarketCap. Please let us know when it has been added and we will gladly add it to our database.

Consider voting for these:
Manual entry of tokens: Manual entry of tokens (those not listed on CoinmarketCap)
Missing currencies: Use CoinGecko API For Missing Currencies

I just added the token MINE :smiley: