Canada tax report and

Hi guys,

i’ll be using Accointing this year for my tax report but it’s not really supported for Canada so i don’t know if it will do… Any update on this ?

Also i’m using (Canada website for crypto) they have an API option but you guys don’t support the website yet, so i would love to hear about this.

Thank you for your hard work, i love accointing !

Hey @Djief! Thanks for the kind words! We currently don’t support the Canadian Tax Method and to be quite honest, it’s not in our plans for now. Hopefully, we will be able to integrate this sometime at the end of this year. If we get more requests from Canadian users, we might move this faster in our development pipeline.

For the support, I would recommend you create a New Topic in the Feature Requests category under the Wallets/Exchanges subcategory concretely requesting for the support so people can vote on it. We prioritize features based on the voting system.

+1 for Canadian tax support. I just started using your platform and it’s fantastic. Luckily I don’t need to file crypto taxes this year, but hopefully your product will support us for 2022.


Thanks for the feedback @Soulstoner! Glad you like it. You can recommend us to your friends and family in the desktop platform or via the app and get a 10% commission for each sold package (they get a 10% discount using your ref link)

PLEASE add support for Canadian tax methods!

Also new to Accointing, and sooooo thankful that I’ve found you after weeks of researching and testing other portfolio trackers, you guys are head and shoulders above everything else I’ve seen. Keep up the great work!