Can’t connect internal transaction / missing amount equals fee

Dear Accointing Team,

I have a problem connecting transactions. I have withdrawn USDT from Binance to a Wallet that is not supported by API, so I entered the deposit there manually. I also copied in the transaction ID hoping that Accointing would easily match those two as internal transaction. But it doesn’t. I get a red warning box “internal (?)” and by clicking it, it tells me, that there is an amount missing that is equal to the transaction fee. I have entered the fee correctly in the manual deposit. On the withdrawal side the Binance API has set everything.

The same problem occurred also with other deposit wallets. The “missing amount” is always equal the fee.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

Best regards.

Please read here.
There is a known issue with fees associated with internals may report a missing fund error.

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