Can someone on the team please look into KuCoin API key error?

Heh cool idea. Wish I’d seen in time I’d done one with me up in the tree with the laptop xD but I guess I’d rather not show my face right yet :confused:

… if this isn’t too lame go for it :slight_smile: no worries tho. Woulda been more fun up in the tree lol. @cryptophases


Damn! That would’ve been sick! Thanks again. We will try to make it work.

This needs to be fixed asap. Try harder.

It’s still working for me, just tested. Perhaps try deleting the wallet and redoing it?

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Hi! Is it working for you now?

No error like before but the transactions aren’t updated.

Update1: I deleted the exchange connection and created new API keys. The balance is still not updated. It should be 0 but instead the old balance is displayed (by accointing, cointracker works fine for instance).

also not working for me. Could it be that a transfer to Pool-X is causing the issue. Everything worked fine until I transferred coins to Pool-X?

Same here but instead of Pool-X it was the Futures subaccount.

then it seems obvious that the API import gets confused as soon as you transfer coins other than between main and trading account

the error showed is “something went wrong”

everything works for me now!

My issue is creating the api. I tried a couple of times with no success until I used “the old method” button. Yes, I watched and followed the video. Unfortunately Kucoin added another requirement: a trusted ip address to access the api secret… it’s required. unfortunately I use a vpn and that ip address changes day to day. I haven’t seen that specific address since my 2nd (or maybe 4th) try ended in a successful api on the Kucoin site. However I’ve never had the same ip address that I added as the safe one. everytime (6 or 7 tries) I use the data to create the link to connect the api I still get the sorry something went wrong.

Are you sure the IP is required? It isn’t for me and I just went in and looked. It is if you are setting up a transfer API (that can withdraw and all that) but if you are just doing read only (General) it shouldn’t be.

That said - as far as IPs go, it wouldn’t be your IP it wanted, it would be accointings.

Oh, sorry I’m no expert at 72 with this stuff- kinda struggling to understand. think I should I delete the api again and try starting all over? is there a way to get accointings ip address to put in if it won’t let me finish without one (like the 1st time)?

think I’ll go ahead and begin again.

Just begin again and make sure its just a General key, it’s read only that way and you can leave restriction set to no.

On the off-chance you have no choice and it insists on an IP, try - that’s what I get when I ping accointing so it should work as long as they aren’t using some sort of round robin setup.

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redid it all … general only, ignored recommendation of safe ip and it worked! thanks! :smiley:


Don’t know if I should start a new thread or report here, but I’m having issues syncing with their API. It was working for me, but seemed to stop yesterday.

Hey! What is the issue that’s reflecting for you? Have you tried the solutions above?

Hi Rod, basically it was saying “Something went wrong” and wouldn’t finish. After a couple days it started syncing properly again. Thanks for checking.


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