Can someone on the team please look into KuCoin API key error?

Several of us are waiting for some time now on this one, mentioned on a couple threads. KuCoin says it is not their issue, and their keys are working fine in for me.

We are getting a ‘api rate exceeded’ error. I talked to KuCoin on telegram and they said they think it is fine on their end, but if someone from accointing can provide better log files they would look again.

Thank you,

Also getting this. It seems to sync but I always get this error message and sometimes the sync details are off a little.

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Same problem here, since several days.

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They have resolved, just refresh/resync the wallet!

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This has been fixed! Just refresh your KuCoin Wallet please

It was working yesterday but now it is giving me an error again. I wonder if it is due to the server maintenance they had.

It just says ‘Something went wrong’ and tells me to retry but Ive done that 4 times now.

Hi guys! Apologies. We had an incredible amount of new users and that slowed down our servers capacity. We worked on this today. This should be back to normal tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

That was working for a good day or two and now giving API errors again. Hoping it gets fixed for good soon enough.

Yep… still broken for me.

Hi! Can you please check again if you don’t mind?

I certainly do not mind! I stopped cutting down a tree halfway to grab my laptop :stuck_out_tongue: Need a breather anyway.

Checked it, and for me it is working well :slight_smile: Thank you!

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Send a picture of you cutting down that tree while checking your portfolio please and we will have you featured in our Twitter account (we can tag you if you want)

Heh cool idea. Wish I’d seen in time I’d done one with me up in the tree with the laptop xD but I guess I’d rather not show my face right yet :confused:

… if this isn’t too lame go for it :slight_smile: no worries tho. Woulda been more fun up in the tree lol. @cryptophases


Damn! That would’ve been sick! Thanks again. We will try to make it work.

This needs to be fixed asap. Try harder.

It’s still working for me, just tested. Perhaps try deleting the wallet and redoing it?

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Hi! Is it working for you now?

No error like before but the transactions aren’t updated.

Update1: I deleted the exchange connection and created new API keys. The balance is still not updated. It should be 0 but instead the old balance is displayed (by accointing, cointracker works fine for instance).

also not working for me. Could it be that a transfer to Pool-X is causing the issue. Everything worked fine until I transferred coins to Pool-X?

Same here but instead of Pool-X it was the Futures subaccount.