Can someone explain how Uniswap transactions using Metamask are recorded?

It seems that a single swap on Uniswap is creating 3 transactions in Accointing, all with the same transaction hash. In my case I wanted to trade ETH for LINA:

I have a few questions:

  1. Is this the intended way for this transaction to be reported in Accointing?
  2. Is there a better way for me to format this instead? Like ignore these and just manually enter a single order?
  3. What is the transaction on the bottom that appears to be sending .00152013 ETH from Uniswap to my MetaMask? I can’t make sense of that one. It seems like the trade is being handled by the top two transactions.

It is this way because that is how it happened on the blockchain. Since this all happened at the same time, you can leave it as is or ignore all these and create a manual ORDER transaction with all of the infomration (including the fees).
The bottom swap may be another fee, you would have to look at the blockchain explorer or figure that out, if it is a fee, reclassify it as such.

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