Can not add internal transactions to last year & internal trans Review Error

Can not add internal transactions. As well the Review Internal Transaction section identifies some but give Error when trying to Approve them. Error “Failed To Update” Same error I get when trying to add internals. Also seems I can’t add deposits.
Trader (365 days license)
Expires on: 10/22/22
Transactions: 960/5000

I have a similar problem, I cant even select internal which is crucial for me as Ive set a few funds back and forth…

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Seems like something changed at the new year. Hope they get it figured out… fast.

If you want the system to do find it, please see this article: Internal Transactions - The Hub: Crypto and Bitcoin Tax Blog |

Alternatively, you can go to your Full Data Set and manually add the internal (Don’t forget to include the fee) and then classify the APi deposits and withdrawals as ignored.

But @Matt it is not letting me add manually and the systems solution is also giving an error. It keeps giving me an error that it “can’t add the row” or “Failed to Update”. I have tried both methods several times over many days. I have logged out and back in all to no avail. Please advise.

I will check with the time, this is the first time this has been reported.
Can you send a screenshot of the error(s) you are receiving?
This is very weird.

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(post deleted by author)

@Matt MannualInternal.mp4 - Google Drive
System.mp4 - Google Drive

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Did you get those videos @Matt?

Hi @Matt did you get those videos I linked? What can be done about this?

@Matt whats going on? Is this issue fixable? Do I need to find a new App for my portfolio?

I got the videos, very interesting.
I will send these videos to the devs.
Can you please go to your settings > Tax Settings and take a photo of the packages you own?

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I cant add new transactions(Deposit on 1/12/22) either. This application is not working as it used to. Whats going on?

We were able to fix your bug! Please try again! I have never seen this bug before, so thank you so much for reporting it!

All seems to working now thanks

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