Bybit api key invalid

hi guys, ive some trouble getting accounting to work. ive implemented all my wallets and all my exchanges during the last couple of days but now ill get the following error message when i try to review my stuff for Bybit: „ API keys are invalid, outdated or missing permissions“. all other wallets work, this problem is just for bybit. id highly appreciate it, if there is someone that is able to help me.

thank you in advance


Hello @jobeier, I am a bit confused by your questions, as Bybit does not yet support API. Can you please send screenshots of your issue?
In the meantime, consider voting for Bybit API integration :slight_smile: here:

hi matt,

i know that bybit has no api integration yet, this is what confused me too^^. but the error message was there. ive deleted the bybit exchange completely now and its almost equal now without any error message. if i get it again ill make a screenshot for you. i hope it works now. thx for your response anyway.

yours sincerely,l


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Thank you @jobeier, am I good to close this topic? :slight_smile:

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