Bux Token is displayed as BPT instead BUx


The Bux Token is displayed as BPT instead of Bux. The token price, the token logo and the chart are displayed correct

Hi @olli! I see them both:

H Rod,

i bought BUX Token (BUX) on Kucoin but they are shown as BPT Token.
The Problem is that i can´t change the assignment of the coins in my accointing.

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Hi @olli! Did you try matching them in the Review page:

Hi Rod,

the coin isn´t shown in the review page.
So i can´t change the coin.


Hi @olli! Forgive me if I’m wrong, but it seems that BPT is the new name give to BUX Token: BUX Platform Token name change completed | BUX Crypto news

No, Rod,

There is nothing changed.

I looked in my Kucoin account and the Ticker there is Bux.
Same if you visit the coinmarketcap website.


Hi @olli! Can you please send me the CMC Token link.

Hi Rod,

here is the link to the BUX Token on Coinmarketcap.com:


Best regards,


Thanks @olli! We will take a look at it. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Any news to the BUX Coin?

I made the following changes :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,

i still see the BUX Token as BPTin my accointing.
Please check.


There was some error, please try again :slight_smile:

Now it works

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