Bug in profit graph

Looks like there’s a display bug in the graph for profits in Brave.

hopefully development see’s this

This is a know error, we are working on it :slight_smile:

Yeah, same for me, but it looks even more messed up if you set it to 1yr. Also, Accointing is now showing my net profits to be about -£12.5K!! Which is a bit crazy since a) I’m in profit, and b) this number represents nearly the entire amount I have invested in crypto. So, all my holdings would have to have pretty much 0 value for this number to be valid.

In case it’s relevant and helps at all, the graph in the Android app is no longer updating on a routine basis for me. The total portfolio number is changing routinely, but the graph will stay stuck on whatever it was a few days ago, unless I hit “Refresh All” on the wallets & exchanges. When I do that, the graph extends out to the current time. E.g. when I looked at the app yesterday, the portfolio number was correct, but the graph stopped at a date several days old. So currently, I’m having to hit Refresh All every time I want the graph to update.

Thank you for the information :slight_smile: I will pass that along D

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