Bug Adding Unknown Currencies

Hello. I was requesting that CAKE be added as a currency, as I don’t see it in the list of available wallets within my Accointing app on iPhone XS Max.

Someone chimed into the thread stating he had the ability to see it in his app, so I wanted to bring this to your attention as a potential bug.

Initially, I added it as a manual transaction within the app.

And strange enough, it showed the logo on the portfolio screen.

Then I tried to add EarnX from trust wallet also, and pasted my receive address into the Binance Smart chain token. That displayed both Cake and EarnX in the same wallet, which allows them both to now display in my portfolio.

EarnX is another one that wasn’t in your list.

Yes, CAKE has been added:
EarnX has also been added:

Does this post help?

Hello @Mattdim805, since you imported your BSC, Accointing imports all transactions from that wallet address. It does not keep it separated per dApp exchange.