BTC Transfer from Coinbase Pro to Trezor T not recognized as an internal transfer

I recently moved BTC from my CB Pro wallet to my Trezor T. The purchase on Coinbase Pro occurred on 7/15, and the transfer from there to my Trezor occurred today, 7/23. The Full Data Set shows this as a deposit into my Trezor from an “unknown sender”. I try to re-classify this as an internal transfer, but I am jumped to the internal transfer reconciliation page and there is no internal transfer listed to approve. Is this because the transfer did not occur within 6 hours of purchase? How do I resolve? This is just one of many discrepancies I’m finding when looking at my full data set.

Thank you!

It sounds like you need to edit one of those transactions so that they are no further than 6 hours apart, and then you should be able to classify them :slight_smile: Let me know if that fixes it :slight_smile:

Here is our Troubleshooting guide for internals:

The Coinbase pro issue has been fixed. Let use know if you experience anymore issues :slightly_smiling_face: Update 2021 Aug 12th

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