BTC Markets Not Importing CSV correctly

The transaction hash is not importing at all from the .csv file.
The AUD balance of holdings is off. I suspect that the balance is getting confused over the exchange rate and leaving the difference as a balance on the display. I.E. I have 0 balance AUD on the exchange but the dashboard is showing multiple thousands.
There is an API available for this exchange. It would be really nice to implement it.

Hey @Cryptojim7 for your .csv from BTC Markets did you use the template?

No, I couldn’t understand the template layout.
You really should have sample data in there like buy, sell, trade, staking, etc so people can visually see how it is laid out.

There is an example for you to follow :slight_smile:
That is why I drew the arrow in the above image.

Thats better but I have seen other examples that show more different types of transactions. But this is better.

What other examples would you like to see? Maybe we can update it :slight_smile: