BTC and BCH Legacy to Segwit Transfer

Hi there,

Back in August 2017, I made two internal transfers within my Ledger Nano S (BTC Legacy to BTC Segwit and BCH Legacy to BCH Segwit). However, within Accointing, these transactions are not recognised as internal transfers.

How do you force these transactions to be linked to each other or recognised as internal transfers?

Kind regards.

If your internal transactions do not appear, then you must ensure that both transfers were made within a 6 hour window and that the amount of the transaction is the same. In the Full Data Set you can edit your transfers so that they appear here.

The easiest way I have found to do this is to manually edit the times of the deposit and withdrawal of the coins. Then I make a withdrawal/deposit for the same day that (Just make sure the withdrawn is first and within 6 hours of the deposit). Here is an example:

Hi Matt. Thanks.

Yes, I have those two transactions in the correct order and the amount is the same.

I think since they all come from the same wallet (Ledger), Accointing cannot see this as an internal tranfers? Even though I was actually sending from Ledger Legacy BCH address to Ledger Segwit BCH address. Unfortunately, I think this has triggered a new CGT event.

You have 2 quick fix options for this:

  1. Simple classify those transactions as ignored since they are already in the same wallet.
  2. Create another wallet for your other Ledger and make the internal transaction on that new wallet.