BlockFi transaction and trade files not working

Hello, I’ve been able in the past to manually import my transaction and trade .csv files from BlockFi into Accointing and have it work. However, yesterday I started to do it and now it’s not working, it is saying it is an invalid file. However, the files when I open them seem to be fine.

Hey @sraske67 can you make sure that you reformat the BLockFi data in the same way as in the Accointing Template?

In the meantime consider voting for this:

Hi Matt, how do I reformat it? I did vote for the API option. Thanks.

Hey, @sraske67 download the Accointing_Template and read the tutorial, we also have an example if you click where my arrow is in the above photo. I suggest copying and pasting the data into the template and make sure to formate it accordingly.

To find the Accointing_Template, select Add Data:

Select the Accointing Template

Then Download it:

Then upload the newly formatted data :smiley:

I also hope API comes out soon!!! I also voted for it!

Am I good to close the post?

Hi Matt, yes you can close. It works now. Thank you!

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