Blockchain support

Can you provide us timelines when and how you plan to support main blockchains?

  • Terra (which probably the same work for all Cosmos based blockchain)
  • Solana
  • FTM

I am asking why wallets like ( Add ADA Daedalus Wallet - #61 ) are prioritized over new blockchains.

Also many are probably interested for which blockchain they have to switch to other services for the 2021 taxes.

We know about the voting system, but is Accointing to commit on any non supported major blockchain for 2021 taxes within early 2022?

This said I am concerned about progress in the mid to long turn, there are so many new L2 about to go mainstream in 2022 how will this be possible to manage without any community approach like open sourcing the Blockchain → Transaction part of your platform. While concentrating to generate perfect tax reports from imported data and maybe add tax support for major DEFI protocols.

So we are currently working on Cardano (ADA) Daedalus wallets and other Cardano wallets because There are 64 votes for Daedalus and 77 votes for Yoroi. To integrate them would be the same process. So 64+77=141 votes which would bring it to the 2nd most voted for feature request on the community board.

Currently here is where the following are:
Terra - 75
Solana - 104
FTM - 51

Yes, we are trying to get more blockchains and exchanges supported as well as constantly maintaining the ones we currently are supporting as the exchanges change their API without forwarning and the blockchains upgrade or have some new feature added and such.

We are working hard, but only have so much manpower to do it all. We hired more people and are training them, but still need more.

Thank you so much for being a great customer and for being active in the community board :slight_smile:

I feel your pain especially in regards to Exchange APIs I spend more hours troubleshooting them then it’s worth.

I ask for somehow reliable roadmaps because people need to do their 2021 taxes till let’s say June this year, if you already know that you can’t support a certain blockchain till then, we can focus on finding a way to get our data imported in a different way (which is often a lot of work, probably community could help each other).

But if you would commit on for example delivering Solana support till April, no one needs to do the extra mile and can just wait for your integration.

  • Examples would be that the community creates an easy way to do cake defi taxes (see thread: Add Cakedefi integration - #27 by Vainio)
  • Solana support via staketax (thread) or different solution I am willing to invest some time their but not if you will support it anyway in time
  • Atom, for now staketax looks reliable but have to investigate
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Please, keep in mind that I am only a support agent, I am in contact with the devs and will relay your feedback, but we are not ready to release dates at this time for feature requests. We are working on a lot of bug reports at this time with what we do support for tax season.

As an alternative to uploading data. Please see the section Getting Started By Importing Your Wallets/Exchanges in this article: Getting Started: A Basic Usage Guide - The Hub: Crypto and Bitcoin Tax Blog |

If you are or if you know anyone looking for a job, they can learn more about our open positions here: Blockchain and Crypto Industry Jobs at Accointing