Bittrex Wallet Discrepancy Balance


My Accointing’s Bittrex Wallet is always showing some discrepancies in BTC. I uploaded the order history, deposit and withdrawal csv files and added the fees manually into each order and withdrawal transactions. I also double checked each BTC transactions, however, there is always some BTC discrepancies (0.01253615 BTC) displayed on the Biitrex Wallet’s balance.

This number is very close to a transactions sequence which was done within a 3-minutes span, involving: BTG Airdrop > Sell BTG to BTC > Sell BTC to NEO. If I ignored the BTG Airdrop and BTG/BTC Sell, the wallet displays the correct balance. But then, the NEO purchase will display missing deposit warning.

Any idea what I need to look at to solve this issue?

Kindest regards.

Would going to the review tab . Missing Funds > Bitrex and then clicking “Fix for me” to reconcile the problem?

Thanks Matt for the reply!

Unfortunately, I cannot find Bittrex Wallet from Review > Missing Funds page.

it would only be displayed on this page if Accointing sees the funds as missing. it sounds like your problem is that you have a balance when you shouldn’t, is that right?

if so, you might be able to do a withdraw of 0 BTC and put 0.01253615 BTC as the transfer fee. then you can classify that transaction as “Fee”.

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Is your Bittrex connected via API?
How long has this issue been?

Can you add or remove the 0.01253615 BTC as a manual transaction? Then classify it as add funds or remove funds so that it does not count as a taxable transaction.

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Thanks. Yes, that’s correct. It displays an extra 0.01253615 BTC that I don’t actually have.

No, I added the CSV files for the trade history, deposit and withdrawal. I even go to each transactions and manually added transaction fees but it still give me that extra 0.01253615 BTC.

However, if I removed these transactions involving BTG - BTC below, the balance will be correct. But then, the NEO purchase will display missing deposit warning.

you said you also had fees associated with the transactions, are those paid in BTC as well? the picture you provided doesn’t show the transactions fees.

If I clicked on the transaction, it’ll show more information including the transaction fee. However, these fees have to be added manually. When I imported the CSV files (even though there is a fee column on each of the CSV files), they’re not automatically added to Accointing.

I counted the total of my BTC transaction fees (on my Bittrex) and they are not close to 0.01253615 BTC, I think it’s only around 0.004 BTC.

it definitely sounds like a bug then, for me i run into an occasional bug that says i am missing $8500 worth of transactions from Gemini. i didn’t want to falsely add the money because then it said i had that much extra in my balance, which i don’t. So i just left it a day or so and it went away by itself.

it sounds like for your problem, accointing might not be properly registering that purchase for some reason. If everything else has been checked to be correct, i would just suggest leaving it alone for now. if the bug doesn’t fix itself, then you can do what i suggested earlier correct the problem.

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No worries. Thanks and will do.

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Hey @sevenx and you add a manual transaction of a withdraw of 0.01253615 BTC and classify it as Remove funds? Doing it that way would fix your issue without the system thinking you had a taxable event when you withdrew your BTC.

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