Bittrex Api Key exceeds rate limit

In my account the Bittrex Exchange Api connection reports the following error:
“API keys exceeded the rate limit. Please try again later”

Creating a new apikey results in the same error message. The balances seem to be fetched correctly via the api.

Has it worked in the past?

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yes. As you can see there is also some data loaded…

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Hi @armtob! What’s the status on this for you now? Is this fixed?

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I have the same issue with KuCoin for many days now not going away. How to fix?


Hi @SGI We deployed a fix for this today. Should be fixed in the next couple of hours.

Thanks @Rod

I noticed an error message saying “Failed to load your portfolios position”

Please fix and send feedback!

Warm regards,

Hey guys! How’s it going for you now?