Bitpanda Index Bug

Hello there. On Bitpanda Indexes i got about 2-3 Euro hanging around. But on Accointing it shows more than 1200 Euro.

For me the same, I got Euros reported which I do not have anmore (since several weeks). Tks for checking it

Hey @CryptoSpinner and @rspielberger could you go through the data set of those wallets and help us by identifying anything that the API did not pick up?

my bitpanda database is wrong too… :confused: The Bitpanda Crypto Index transactions are missing.

@DO_One86 can you do this as well? Can we get some screenshots?

Hey guys, I just doublecheck, it turns out that Bitpabda does not send their Crypto Index info through their API. This means that Accointing does not receive the data and are unable to automatically keep track of it for you. :confused: Sorry for the inconvenience. If Bitpanda ever does send their Crypto Index info through their API, we will update our system. Thank you for bringing it to my attention :slight_smile:

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