Bitcoin Bech32 zpub wallet not working

I wanted to import my Trezor BTC wallet and found out that the auto Trezor API connection only fills in the xpub key. No way to choose segwit, it just goes to trezor connect page, and then once confirmed the export of the key it prefiils xpub key.

I tried to manually edit the xpub key to zpub key exported from Trezor Suite, but this is showing me the below error

I tried to then manually create bitcoin wallet and inserting the zpub key, but same error.

I found on this forum that zpub should be supported, so whats the issue? Thanks!


Thnaks for this, this error is known and we are integrating zpubs.

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Hi @Alex , cool, thanks for an update. Does it mean that this is treated as an error, not as feature request? I am asking due to the expected ETA for this, atm I am deciding between accointing and koinly and this is the only dealbreaker for me.


Correct, we are working on a fix and hopefully have one latest within the next 10 days.

All the best

Hi @Alex , its been over 10 days and I still face the issue. Did you guys get a chance to fix this? What is the ETA? Thanks

@Alex please, I need an update. My accointing account is becoming more and more out of sync and useless for overview as I move BTC in and out of Trezor with zpub key. What is the ETA please?

Hi @Alex , its been 3 weeks since my original report and over 5 weeks since another user complained and I would really appreciate an update. What is the progress with this and what is the ETA? Thanks

Its one thing to say - we are busy, the solution is postponed XYZ. Its another to completely ignore your paying customer. Can I get an update @Alex please?

Hi, daily reminder to care about your clients. Any updates?

Same issue here trying to import Electrum wallet but zpub address is just erroring out. A manual CSV import does not pickup the addresses I guess since they change

@tiffmasterj yea, dont worry, they will fix it 11 days ago :slight_smile:

Reminder to @Alex about radio silence and ignoring of their customers. The issue still unresolved.

Roses are red,

violets are blue,

like I have said,

accointing still hasn’t fixed bech32 zpub keys which are used by trezor.

Working on it. Zpubs are a priority for next week. Thank you for your patience.

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Hello, today my zpub wallet successfully updated and fetched the current balance correctly. However, it added ONLY the very first transaction, but not I cannot see second transaction to secondary bc1 address in Full Dataset. I repeat that the total balance amount is correct. But the transaction is not logged and therefore there is discrpancy because I have missing funds for transfer which went from exchange, to this zpub.


as you can see, the total BTC is correct, but there is ONLY one transaction for this wallet. I tried to delete and re-add the wallet, same issue.

Hi! You’ll need to add the second wallet the same way you did with the first one. I assume you used Trezor Connect?

I am not sure you understand the issue, so let me explain again:

I have a zpub key. From this key, you derive bitcoin addresses, in my case lets say bc1jdjibduihvbdudubuduyvdudb1, bc1djiudbiudbdyuvdbdiibde2, bc1jdbiudbudvdudfvduydb3, bc1jdiuyhvbiubfdiuudbid4

All these addresses come from the same zpub. They are part of the same wallet.

I received 0.18 BTC to bc1jdjibduihvbdudubuduyvdudb1 and this was added successfully as incoming transaction, as well as added to the total balance of the wallet in accointing.

Then I received 0.82 BT to bc1djiudbiudbdyuvdbdiibde2, and this transaction is missing in the Full dataset. It was not imported there, HOWEVER, the total for the wallet was incremented correctly and I see total of 1 BTC.

So the issue is that the 2nd transaction which went to the 2nd address of the very same zpub is counted correctly into the total sum of the wallet, but it does not generate the row in your system for the transaction, hence I cannot categorize the transaction, and I cannot mark it as internal transfer. Therefore, I have “missing funds” because the Trezor wallet shows 1 BTC balance (correct) but only 0.18 BTC incoming and the 0.82 BTC is not logged.

You can check at which allows you to see all bc1… generated addresses for each ZPUB, that my ZPUB at the moment derived 2 bc1 addresses which were used, their amounts add up to the total which accointing has (this is OK), but still, the 2nd address derived from this zpub and its associated transaction were not created in the full data set automatically, which is a bug.

Do you understand now what the issue is? Thanks

I have the exact same behavior but with Ledger.

Hey guys and thanks @augusdis! Spoke with development. Currently working on a fix for this. We hope that we will be able to push this out in the next week or so. Thanks for your patience and I apologize for any inconvenience this might be causing.