Biometric authentiaction


Biometric authentication would be cool for both android/ios.

That would be sick @Pentakillhd. However, 2FA has a few votes ahead of you. If you get more people to vote on this, we can move it faster in the pipeline.


I created an account just to vote for this


Same here, please make this happen!


Can you guys vote here so we can push this in the pipeline? Add 2FA for the Accointing site


Will biometric authentication come with the 2FA?

Ufff…biometric would take a while. Would you guys would be willing to pay for extra security features?

I think security features should be free for all, as I think them as mandatory features when it comes to things like my money. But I think any kind of lock (passcode etc.) would be fine!


@Rod I also consider somekind of password protection really critical for a money app like this. This is absolut standard for apps like this today. If biometric (using fingerprint/face id, etc.) is too time consuming, then start with something more simple (e.g. password or pincode).

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simular post: Add 2FA for the Accointing site

I am not sure why is this feature mixed up with 2FA?
They are two different things and used for two different use cases and both are pretty much the bare minimum for any finance-related app!

Keep up the voting :slight_smile: Fingerprint recognition and FaceID integration on a smartphone that already offers these features is doable :slight_smile:

As per comment above, i also have created an account on the community website just to get this feature!

Love the iOS app - its really good - but definitely needs a very basic (at least) upfront security when you boot up the app on your phone (note as other comments say, this is separate to 2FA for accessing website etc.). All I’d like is to have to use FaceID or a pin number in order to be able to actually get into the app itself.

Obviously you cant make any transfers etc in the accointing app, but just the data itself on the phone (i.e. your total holdings etc.) is pretty sensitive data, and so makes sense to just have an upfront bit of security

Many thanks

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This is an essential addition in my mind. If this was implemented along with 2FA that would be a big step in the right direction regarding security :slight_smile:

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We have added this feature! Go into the app > Settings > Data and Security and see your options!

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