Binance Wallets Missing Funds

In March this year I started using Accointing and needed about a month to fix all missing funds and link all transactions for good. I safed all my Tax Reports after it and exported the full data set.

When I came back this month after 5 months of not checking Accointing my 2 Binance Wallets showing a huge number of missing funds after updating with their APIs. Also my Tax reports from 2018-2020 showing 5 figures profits instead of the real loss i had or the small win I booked in.

My best guess is there are some problems with the data which getting imported from Binance nowadays. Is there a way how I can get back to the data I safed in April(exported full data set) and cut the API after it? I would call myself as experienced to clear up missing funds after doing it for a month thie year but this time i see just no solution to “find” funds worth more than 10 BTCs…

Btw I saw some other guys in the german section of the community board complaining about the same problem without an answer yet.


So Binance is upgrading their API.

Part of the update allowed for tracking of fiat deposits, which means you will have a lot of duplicates since you already filled in the holes that they are now filling in also.

My suggestion would be to do this:

  1. Edit your Binance wallet image
  2. Delete API connection:
  3. Add your wallet again but setting it to today’s date:
  4. delete all duplicates from the old Binance wallet you had in the full data set.

Consider voting for this, it is something I personally want this and it would help solve issues like this: Auto Detect Duplicate Transactions in the Review