API import missing deposits and some orders

Hi - I just started using and have a total of 4 transactions:

  • 2 deposits
  • 2 orders

Using the API import for, none of the deposits are imported, and only 1 order was imported. Is this expected? Or is there an issue?


Are you willing to take a screenshot of your deposits and orders on BinanceUS and then a screenshot of what Accointing sees? (You can scribble out anything you do not want us to see.)

I did some more digging into this. On binance I actually have:

  • 2 deposits
  • 1 buy
  • 1 trade

Only the trade comes through using the API. The deposits and buy do not. Searching in the community I came across this post, which says:

  1. Binance API does not track any fiat deposits. They must be added manually into Accointing
  2. Binance API does not track any direct crypto purchases from a cash balance because they are not counted as a trade and they must be added manually.

So this explains why the deposits and buy are not imported using the API. Not sure if this is a API issue, or something that is not implemented on the Accointing side.

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I do know that BinanceUS does not send all API info like you mentioned above. I hope they change that soon :slight_smile:
They also do not send API data for referral rewards.

Deposits and withdrawals with Binance are not shown in Accointing. Here are some other gaps that have to be manually fixed.


Consider this:

BinanceUS should be simular

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