Binance: transfers between main and sub-accounts

Binance allows creating sub-accounts to split funds for different purposes, divide responsibilities and limit access to funds.

At the time of writing it’s not a feature available for everybody (corporate account or personal VIP1 level required), so it might seem unpopular. However, some exceptions to the rule can be applied, especially for users of Cindicator Stoic trading bot, where their team organized with Binance enabling it for users who requested it. So, I can imagine that other tools might do the same.

Unfortunately, Accointing doesn’t support transfers between main and sub-account, and once you transfer funds, both – main and subaccount are out of sync and report:

This external wallet reports a different balance than the imported transactions result in on Accointing. You can compare the wallets transactions with your Full-Data-Set or use the Missing-Funds-Tool to fix those automatically.

Despite all the funds are sitting correctly in the Binance system.

To fix it, implementation of relatively simple sub-account endpoints API should be sufficient.