Binance Smart Chain wallet errors

I imported BSC wallet and it shows many errors. Transaction hash links goes to etherscan network instead of bscscan. Your system goes to wrong network and shows wrong information about transactions. For example: billions of dollars instead of 102 usdc

I thought we fixed the bscscan issue, I will put in another bug report for that.
Can you please manually fix the 102 USDC? I willl put in a bug report.

When clicking on the Transaction hash, it now goest to BSCscan :smiley:

my bscscan wallet is showing that i own WBNB which i certainly do not own. There seems to be some kind of error with the calculation?

Thank you for the photos, that is interesting.
Can you please send us your public BSC address and we can take a look?
Please, in the form leave a link to this post for context :slight_smile:

yeah sure :slight_smile:


thnx 4 your feast response :slight_smile:

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First thing I notice is that you have pegged coins.
please go to the review section and sync those coins using the following article:

You say that you do not have Wrapped BNB:
It looks like when you swapped with PancakeSwap they had you get some WBNB for the trade and that is where Accointing is picking that up.

Are you using Metamask? Can you please add this coins’ contract address to your Metamask as a coin and see if you have any WBNB in your wallet still?

Here are all your WBNB transactions in question: