Binance Smart Chain: Leave Liquidity Pool

Synchronisation with BSC does not properly reflect leaving of a liquidity pool, i.e. BNB deposits are missing, other token shows too high amount.

I too had a similar issue, while one of the coins deposited was correct the deposit of BNB was missing. i had to manually add that transaction which was shown in the transaction number in Since it clearly showed both deposits in the transaction number it seems like something is wrong with the implementation of having multiple deposits within the same transaction.

My BNB transaction is showing in the meanwhile w/o any actions from my side.

What I realize now is that the balance of the pooled token calculated by Koinly based on the transactions is not matching the amount shown on BSC explorer.
To make it even more confusing, Metamask is showing a different value as well…

Hey, :smiley: @Chris_H @alantbarlow

We currently don’t support LP transactions :frowning:, so you need to add them manually How to Import Liquidity Pool Transactions to - Accointing Blog - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & tax Software


the new URL is:

Still this method is NOT compatible with german tax jurisdication. When will this be implemented?

The article says:

„ If you live in a jurisdiction that taxes your liquidity pool transactions as separate buy / sell events, like Germany, take notice. Your transactions are already being handled correctly by default. The only thing you would need to do is ignore the Liquidity Pool Token, and classify interest received as “Income” or “Liquidity Pool”. (…)“

True, the transactions are handled correctly. BUT … since there is no way to track the value of the LP token or give the token an individual name, so it can be identified as different from other LP tokens, wins resp. losses are NOT reflected correctly. With PancakeSwap, no matter which farm you choose, all LP Tokens have the same name, but different values, depending on the farm. And the are not listed on CMC, of course.

In my option, custom tokens could be the solution.



I created a proposal, where I ask for native support of Uniswap V2 LP tokens! Consider voting for it, I would also resolve your issue here I believe: