Binance Smart Chain doesn't work anymore

BSC Binance Smart Chain Wallet doesn’t work anymore. Adress and everything else is unchanged and correct, but there is an error message when syncing (Ungültige Adresse /invalid adress). I don’t want to delet and re-integrate the wallet as it was reall y a lot of work to categorize all the transactions.

same problem here … …

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Same also for me! Doesn’t work anymore.

Same issue for me, seems to be a application issue at Accointing

same, thanks for posting. I think it started right when the Berlin Eth update dropped

Sorry to hear that, community :frowning_face:
Thanks for letting us know. I already reported to our developers so we can fix BSC addresses


Any news when this gets fixed?

Hey, thanks for the report, the issue has been resolved!


Yes, I’m having the same problem too.