Binance report shows lots of withdrawals that have never taken place

I got a report of a withdrawal for example on Dec 13th, withdrawing 8283,85 BUSD. But this has never been executed and binance history does not show it. How can this be fixed?

Other examples of the same error - somehow the API seems to collect transaction data, not related to my account?!

The photo you showed me are Reconciled transactions, which means that at that time you clicked the “Fix for me” on the review page.
You can delete or classify them as ignored if you would like.

But I have lots and lots of transactions. There is no way I am going through all of them to check wether they are valid - not wanting to do that is the very reason for subscribing to your services.

You can simply re-import Binance as an exchange/wallet, they ll be gone then. Just don’t hit “Fix for me” again. Maybe you just automatically fixed missing funds from early transaction (early 2020 or earlier sometimes missing) or you are using Binance’s BNB-fee feature, to get a discount. Those fees traded on Binance like e.g. polygon to ETH usually wouldbe paid in polygon, but with that feature on Binance automatically transforms it to BNB I think. I am also getting those BNB micro differences between reported value and actual value calculated in accointing, just ignore them it is some cents… You only have to fix “buy crpyto” / credit card purchases in Binance, small amount coins->BNB->conversions and stuff like that which is not included in the Binance API

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Thanks for the update and ideas.

So the credit card buys have to always be added manually for binance? Or just in case the amount does not add up?

My initial issue were transactions showing up, that I never executed in the first place - but I am also cleaning up the rest for my tax report. Thanks.

I do not personally have a Binance credit card. I live in the US, so it is not offered to me ::stuck_out_tongue:
I am unsure how this particular credit card works. But I assume on things that involve the crypto side of things would be involved. Such as selling your crypto to pay for your credit card OR if you received crypto rewards as a ‘Crypto back’ loyalty rewards.

WIth credit card I was referring to the “buy crypto” (via visa/mastercard card) function on binance. Which is a bit different than spot exchange trading

That’s what I understood. So do all credit card buys have to be manually added?

I think so, you can just compare the downloadable transaction history or the “buy crypto” transacitons in your account with the actual transactions in accointing

At this time, it appears that it needs to be manually added, vote here to see if we can make it auto-tracking, and feel free to add your comments :slight_smile:

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