Binance missing founds

I did a complete reimport of my binance data (delete old one and added a new one) because I had one missing found issue.

Now I’ve ~200 issues something like:

Fehlende Mittel

Am 01.10.21 hast du XX7.1 EUR ausgegeben und eine Gebühr von 0.1XXXX USDT bezahlt. Diese Transaktion hat the folgenden fehlende Bestände in deinem Binance Wallet erzeugt:

  • XX.1308525 EUR

Das bedeutet, dass zum Zeitpunkt der Transaktion Geld ausgegeben wurde, das sich nicht auf deinem Konto befand. Es gibt mehrere Fälle, in denen das passieren kann:

  1. Es fehlen Krypto-Transaktionen
  2. Ihnen fehlen Einzahlungen von Fiat-Währungen
  3. Der Anbieter hat die Daten in einer falschen Reihenfolge übermittelt (Du kannst dies durch Anpassung der Zeiten der Trades korrigieren)
  4. Der Anbieter meldete falsche Daten und die Beträgen sind falsch

Du kannst diese Problem manuell untersuchen und beheben, indem du Einzahlungen erstellst oder die vorhandenen Daten korrigierst. Oder du lässt Accointing die Daten für dich Ausgleichen, wir werden dann automatisch den fehlenden Betrag als Einzahlung in deinen Datensatz einfügen. Die Einzahlung wird immer kurz vor der Transaktion mit den fehlenden Beträgen eingefügt und als ‘Ausgleichen’ klassifiziert.

How can I solve this issue and how can this happen at all.
There is no data before 2021, and also non of the things mentioned that are not supported by the API.

Would you be willing to send us your .csv file or read-only API keys so that we can take a deeper look into this? If so, please fill out this support ticket form :slight_smile:

In the form please also leave a link to this post so that we have background context :slight_smile:
The reason we ask for your data is that we do not see your data, whatever you put in your Accointing account, is encrypted.

Hi Matt,
I looked into the Binance Fiat API.

First this thread seem to indicate also other people have issues with fiat history: Fiat Deposit endpoint is not honoring 'beginTime' parameter and response always limited to last 90 days - Spot/Margin API - Binance Developer Community

Second, if I call the fiat endpoint with startDate and endDate I don’t get the results I would expect
If I call the endpoint only with a startDate, I get a lot more deposits, I assume all deposists that are within 90 days from the startDate.
I could investigate this further, but honestly my time :wink:
Maybe one of your devs could have a look into it and check if my assumption is right, and if Accointing is relying on the endDate parameter to query information from Binance.

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I had to add here without endDate the result is not limited to 90 days but still it’s missing a lot of deposits I have reached out to Binance support as well.

yes, we are looking into this issue :slight_smile:

I will forward this information to our devs, thank you so much for the research! This is for .csv data, correct? Not API connection?

Hi Matt,
I’am using API connection between Accointing and Binance.
And I am still in touch with the Binance support about this. Let’s see if someone finds the error on their side, otherwhise I fear you guys can’t do anything, if I didn’t do something wrong I am not aware of.

Still probably good you could confirm this API issue independently of me, because you are far more experienced.

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Thank you @ERC20 feel free to create a new ticket if this one closes before they reply :slight_smile:

A small update from my side.
Binance confirms that there is an error and they escalated this to a development team.

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Thank you so much!


  • Binance reported Bug is fixed :tada:
  • I imported Binance via API from scratch (even new API key)
  • All the “Fehlende Mittel/ Missing founds” errors are fixed :+1:
  • But the Gesamtsaldo computed by Accointing and reported by Binance doesn’t match actually the value computed by Accoiting is wrong. I’ll dig into that and open a new thread if I can’t get it fixed.
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Maybe before you close the thread you could give me a hint how to try to find what is causing the " Gesamtsaldo" deviation, with over 2000 transaction I don’t see a way to figure that out honestly.

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