Binance - daily earn interest duplicating

Using the Binance API, all BTC daily interest entries received are being picked up by accointing correctly. However, the entries are being duplicated, so instead of 1 correct transaction per day, accointing is showing 2 transactions every day (the second being a duplicate, although slightly different time).

This issue seems to affect every BTC earn ‘deposit’ from the 8th of May 2021 onwards, all transactions before that date are correct and not duplicated.

Please can this be reviewed, as is causing rec issues regarding the balances.


Is there any update?


Sorry about the response delay, the holidays were crazy :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, would you be willing to DM me your read-only API keys and I will take a deeper look?

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I have created a bug for it and will keep you posted once this is fixed. I appreciate your time and patience.

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Same issue here. More precisely, all daily interest rates from Flexible Savings on Binance are imported twice (interestingly with different time stamps…). Even deleting all historic data and refreshing from scratch does not solve this.

Is there still no update? Please get this fixed as soon as possible. I was planning to buy a larger Accointing package for my 2021 tax report but with this current state your product is definitely unusable for me.

The cause of the double interest and differing timestamps that you’re seeing would likely be that there are two actions daily:

  1. Receive interest reward
  2. (Slightly afterwards) Invest that received interest back into the flexible savings

If both of those are interpreted as being “interest earned” (or if they’re indistinguishable in the data - the Binance API is utterly terrible), then that’ll be the problem.

Thanks for the explanation attempt, but I don’t think that this is what is happening. In this case the second transaction should be a Withdraw, also be present for locked staking and happen consistently, not only in the past month.

As advised by Matt I’ve sent a CSV download to the support email. (Ticket 80149)

The issue seems to be accointing is picking up the negative purchase of the BTC, which should be ignored. Extract below:

User_ID UTC_Time Account Operation Coin Change Remark
10232870 2021-05-07 02:16:21 Spot Savings Interest BTC 0.XXXXXXXX
10232870 2021-05-07 03:37:20 Spot Savings purchase BTC -0.XXXXXXXX
10232870 2021-05-08 01:46:57 Spot Savings Interest BTC 0.YYYYYYYY
10232870 2021-05-08 03:29:20 Spot Savings purchase BTC -0.YYYYYYYY

So it would seem the answer should be for accointing to ignore all negative interest values, alternatively any entries called ‘savings purchase’. You might of had a similar rule in before the 8th of May 21, as the duplication only started on that date (for me).

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Thank you so much @anon1 for the file, I will forward that to our devs for testing :smiley:
I did notice another user’s Binance Earn not tracking at all, is that an issue for anyone else?
It seems BTC is duplicating and others are not showing up at all.

Is there any update for this issue? I reported a similar issue one month ago

At this time, please manually keep track of this and mark as ignore for duplicates. We are working on a huge upgrade right now, and have not been able to get to this bug yet.

Same problem here. Just with flex savings. I tried to turn off automatic reinvest, and it didn’t work. For now I’m disabling the duplicated ones. Following this thread

Any update on this…

I paid for a this product to generate a “valid” tax report that should not require any more manuel checking. I refuse to check 50 pages (1000 Binance) transactions just to fix a stupid bug that did not exist a few months ago.

Yes I would appreciate an update, as this seems to be a really easy fix to set a rule to ignore the negative savings purchase from the API.

Binance is the largest exchange, and most people are going to click the earn interest button, so I would expect a large proportion of your Accointing customers are affected by this, but probably not aware because being applied daily the error is immaterial and not obvious, but by the end of the year these small amounts really add up, meaning the gains you report are going to be incorrect. The longer this is left uncorrected the more materially you will alter everyone’s historic gains when eventually corrected, and if you materially change customers prior year gains I should imagine this will result in a wave of complaints. So I would imagine it is in Accointing’s best interest to not allow this error to go on for too much longer.

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The issue has been resolved!
Existing data cannot be fixed automatically, so users will need to do the following:

Other options would be to leave it as is and continue to manually fix the issue or to completely delete and re-inport the Binance API to start over and reclassify.

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