Binance CSV "generate all statements"

Hey Team,
Binance offers now for a long time the possibility to pack complete account statements into ONE CSV (Generate all statements). Other taxtracker also offer the possibility to import the CSV, but you still require the individual separate CSVs.
Would it be possible to adjust this? Otherwise it is a real pain with the individual CSVs.
If you ever need a sample CSV, let me know and I’ll give you one.

I will ask our team about it :slight_smile:
Would you be willing to send in an example of that .csv if our devs request for one?

Hey Matt,
sure. I have a couple of these that I had generated for other trackers.
Let me know if you need them.

Hey, I’ve asked about the CSV and the issue is that such export in binance has huge limitations - you can export only a few of these per month and each of them has a 3-months range limit. This means that an old binance user would need probably 2 months to import everything using this method.

I would be a nice edition but needs voted on for now, as we have tons of others feature requests and bugs report to get through at this time.

I understand, but makes it uninteresting to me.
I would like to make use of the 30 day money back guarantee. I have already written an email to support, but no one has responded yet.

please wait for a response or DM me your email address and I can expedite the process :slight_smile:

Merging, please vote here: Binance general statement import