Binance Convert Coins API

Coins that are converted in Binance via Trade/Convert are not importet via the API, so all convert transactions have to be manually added from
If you use this featre often, it is quite a burden ta add a manual “Order” Transactions for each of these convert operations. I guess there is an API function to access a list of these convert trades. Would be nice if you can auto detect these converts and add the corresponding transactions

Let me get you some more information on this and get back to you.

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Hey! We would need more votes on this to make it happen @Loesil! Hopefully, you’ll get some.


You should vote for your wish… see left top corner

Seems there’s only 1 vote besides the OP who hasn’t voted yet. Would still like to say that this feature is quite important and AFAIK shouldn’t be that difficult to implement. =D

I already voted for other stuff so it seems I cant vote for my own topic because I dont have any votes left.
But lets be honest, if important features are only implemented if enough ppl vote for them… them maybe even the support for some shit coins will be implemented faster. I hope that the developers know how to improve their software and completete an important API like Binance. And maybe they even realize that they can automaticly identify all LP tokens get maken an eth_call to the solidity contract and checking for token0 and token1. Maybe implemeting a contract scanner so they only have to input a master chef contract to add and identify all pools and auto classify all transactions to those pools. Or maybe implemeting some unknown coins is more important, what do I know.

You don’t need to vote for tokens to be implemented, only for exchanges and wallets due to the amount of resources they require.

sadly I’m out of votes too, but IMO this is a must have feature. Crossing fingers to get that soon. Thanks.