Binance - constant missing funds issues

Hi Team,
Is there a general issue with binance api sync? I cleared down all my missing funds errors just two days ago and today I have hundreds of missing BNB and USDT funds and incorrect balances across various coins again. Today it looks like all my BNB and USDT single trades and withdraws are incorrect. While I can go through this again from 2 years ago but this appears to be a recurring issue.

In particular, I have also noticed that manual updates that I have done in the past to fix a missing balance issue have now suddenly been duplicated because the API sync has now come through. As there is no easy way to filter on manual updates, I have to go through thousands of transactions to remove/ignore the manual updates from years ago.

Going through my transactions from the beginning of time, I can also see duplicated orders coming through the API.

Please advise urgently as we get to the end of the tax year (5 Apr 2022) and so would like to make sure my taxes are in line.


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