Binance Connection Issue - Red Dot

Binance Exchange isnt connecting correctly, I have deleted and re tried adding but same issue.

Keeps saying something missing at bottom and the Dot is Red instead of Green

Since a few days enormous problems. First it worked at least sporadically until yesterday evening. Today the sync did not work at all, instead always the error message Connection Down.


I have had similar problems since yesterday (Friday Nov 12), not synching properly with Binance, coins missing, average cost missing, portfolio chart missing and profit/loss missing. A night mare.

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I have the same issue!

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Same issue here. I have deleted and replaced the API three times. Still will not connect, says that the API is down

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There was a change on Binance’s API, the issue is resolved. Sorry about the inconvenience! If you got any missing quantities or transactions this might be another problem. The problem here caused all binance jobs to fail. Please take a look if it works now for you and otherwise reach out to our support. Sorry about the inconvenience

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Dont get why u say its resolved when it still doesnt work… Same error as before.

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The error has not been resolved.

It is ongoing.
This error has been in play (for me) for the last 3 days including today. I have tried deleting and re-adding the API each day.

Please help solve this issue asap.

Thank you.

Same issue for me. Issue not solved

We are currently not seeing any global issues on Binance, we happily look into your case but I’d ask you to reach out to