unusable due to two unsupported transaction types

Dear Accointing Team,

in general I’m very happy with your product, but Binance is not usable for me on your platform.
“Review” was always mention to many issues in my Full Data Set and specialy in my Binance data but I didn’t know why.

Until I found out what the problem is, unfortuantelly you don’t support the
Transaction history - Wallet - Binance

but this is the only source of truth on Binance, the most complete file!
And what cause all my issues on Accointing with is the fact that two types are missing in the API import what are present in the Transaction CSV file.

“Large OTC trading” and “Distribution”, without them, your Binance support is realy bad.
I think also “Small assets exchange BNB” in there what is missing in the API.

Your Competition have much better Binance support with the name Koinly, they support the transaction history and all that types.
But they do other things not as good as you, so that I want to stay with you, but please improve, or I have to switch my Tax Helper Tool.

Kind regards

I made the same observations and ended up fixing them manually.

Would Indeed be great to have all of this included.

That’s not an option in my case, these are ~200 transactions.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I have created a bug for it and will keep you posted once this is fixed. I appreciate your time and patience.

We are working on some Binance issues now, actually.

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Can I follow the Bug development somewhere, like on Github, or something?

Sorry, we do not publish that information anywhere, it is all internal.

I have also encountered the “Large OTC trading” error. It’s present in my Binance transaction export, but is not reported in Accointing. In my case I had used the “Convert” function to convert USDT to USDC.


Check out my guide I posted earlier.

This might help resolve the issue. While I don’t have to many of these transactions I have created a little macro in excel to automatically populate the Accointing upload files. So think that could work for you too.

The team issued a fix with Binance, however, we are experiencing another issue with it. Thank you for sticking with us as we work through this issue. I imagine that this will be fixed soon.

Hi Crumbi, i have the same issues with binance… :frowning: I have seen your post but its difficult to read the column headings. Can you pls provide a example of one excel file? Your macro will be great. Thank you for your help!


Unfortunately I don’t intend to share my macro.
The screenshots I show are either from the downloaded Binance file or from the accointing template that needs to be populated. So once you open these you should be able to see the headers.

Hope that helps.


Hi Crumbi, thank you for your answer, can you help me to find that templated? Is this that one? > reply Under point 7.? (** Accointing_template.xlsx**).

That is the default / universal setup for our Accointing template.

Try this:

  1. Navigate to

  2. Orders → Spot Order → Trade History (

  3. Click on ‘Export Recent Trade History’ at the top right corner

  4. Upload your file to Accointing

  5. Please make sure to upload your withdrawal and deposit history, your portfolio data will otherwise be incorrect

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Thank you Matt, i will try! :slight_smile:

Is anyone still having issues with this?

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