Binance BCH transactions not showing up

In particular, the BCH transactions from Binance do not show up. The holdings are available but there is absolutely no history of transactions available. This surely seems to be a bug.

PLZ FIX this.

Hey, while we look into this, can you see if the problem persists on the desktop version?

Hey, I have the same issue on Desktop as well.

How are you trying to track your BCH on Binance? I suggest API as showed in the photo:
Here is a video how: How to Connect Your Binance API to - YouTube
Unless you are a US citizen, then of course use BinanceUS

If you are already doing this, are you having any other issues with any other coin?
Can you send a screenshot of your Binance transactions history on Accointing?

I have used API.

I have no issues with other coins as such.

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I saw in accointing that there is no possibility to manually add BCH/EUR transactions, I was trying to add manually to see if it works. All I see is BCH/EURS which is not exactly Euro. Could this be an issue? Because my transaction was from Euro to BCH.

EUR is Ero:
If you want to do this manually. you can do it on desktop :slight_smile: Click Full Wallets > Full Data Set > New

Can you please share with us a screenshot of your BCH balance and some transaction history as shown on Binance.
And then show us a screenshot of what Accointing can see?

I am trying to see what is going wrong.