Binance API needs some improvement

Hi my business is based on crypto mining, normally I don’t need an integration sync for it because payout will directly send to my wallet. Binance pool is slightly different because the payout keeps in the pool until I withdraw it.

I see the Binance API document support integration sync of Binance pool data, so is that possible to improve the Binance integration to make the pool data readable in accointing?

Hi @Gilbertcn! Thanks for your feedback. Currently, we don’t support it. Thanks for the link. We will take a look at it. If it’s low-hanging fruit, we could definitely implement this. If it is something that requires more man labor, it will go into our pipeline, and based on the number of requests, we can prioritize accordingly.

Thanks Rod! The reply is much faster than I expected.

I guess that’s simpler than thought because the total asset view of Binance App is pool balance included. If it’s a difficult improvement, is it possible to start on ‘acquiring’, ‘earning’ and ‘extra bonus’ features at first?

Hi @Gilbertcn! Can you recommend it as a feature request and see if more people are in need of this. That way we keep the same voting system for prioritization.

Hi @Rod I think I have set it to be ‘feature request’. I believe your team can eventually solve this.


Consider this:

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