Binance API Imports VeChain and ImpulseVen

After importing the newest history with API for Binance ImpulseVen occured which isn´t even listed on Binance. This causes many missbalances after these kind of transactions. Ignoring all ImpulsiveVEN transactions didn´t fix the problem. Please fix this!

So the system says that you have ImpulseVEN (VEN), what is this token suppose to be instead?

The token I bought in 2018 is VeChain (VEN). After a rebrand it´s now known as VeChain Thor (VET). I saw a request from another user to intergrate ImpulseVen (also VEN as acronym) here in the Community Board. My best guess is that the programmers forgot about former VeChain acronym VEN, which results that both coins getting imported with the API. This failure messes up about 150 transactions I had in the following years.

So you had this coin in 2018.

So when another user asked for their coin (ImpulseVen) Which used the same symbol (VEN) It changed all your transactions in 2018 to the new coin just added?

Please refresh your Binance and see if I was able to fix the issue :slight_smile:

Hi Matt!

I just refreshed my Binance wallet. Unfortunately there is still the same issue :grimacing:

I think the only solution I can offer at the moment is that I made an adjustment in the system for all future trades with the symbol VEN will not be marked as old Vechain Token. And all current ones will be unaffected.

So your options would be:

  1. Delete and re-import your Binance wallet (This would require reclassifying everything)
  2. Manually change the transactions of VEN to the correct coin. To help, in the full data set, select your wallet and then search VEN to bring up all the transactions that only contain VEN.
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I deleted the ImpulseVen transactions manually and tried another import. Works fine now, no more ImpulseVen transactions. Thanks for your help!

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Sorry that you have to do some manual work, should be fixed though, thank you for the bug report!